My travel goals for 2016

One evening in November 2015, I read a blog post on Travelettes website, called 12 Cities in 12 Months. Reading it on the heels of finishing a tentative plan of what I wanted to do in 2016 (much of it to deal with travelling, as it always is) I was inspired.

So much in fact, that I was up all night looking at flights and crafting a 2016 travel plan!

That night in November, I didn’t know what 2016 had in store for me. In a way, I still don’t, even though I have a plan. I had high hopes of starting university in January, which meant that I couldn’t book any trips after the 18th of January (first day of class) because I didn’t know what kind of schedule I’d have to work around.

But I still hoped and dreamed and planned and looked up flights to get an idea of costs to my desired locations.

I want 2016 to be the year when I finally see and experience some of the things on my Travel Bucket List. The places and experiences I want to focus on in 2016 are the following, in no specific order:
1. The Fires of Beltaine Festival (held every year on the 30th of April), Edinburgh, UK
2. The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
3. See the Northern Lights and bathe in the Hot Springs of Iceland
4. See the architecture in Barcelona, Spain
5. Join a NaNoWriMo event in San Francisco, USA
6. Take the train through Narvik and Ofotfjorden, Norway
7. A hike in the Scottish Highlands, UK
8. Walk across at least half of the 409 bridges in Venice, Italy
9. Hug a Redwood tree in Muir Woods, San Fransisco, USA
10. See a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre, London, UK

To fill out my 12 cities/countries in 12 months goal, I have also included the following, which are lower priority bucket list items/just for fun;
Buy a Mucha print in Prague, Czech Republic
– Tivoli day in Copenhagen, Denmark
– Broadway show in New York, USA
– Swim in Lake Bled, Slovenia
– Base-flying in Berlin, Germany
– See a ballet performance in St. Petersburg or Moscow, Russia

I hope you will join me as I try to experience everything on my 2016 list, all the while returning to my home in Stockholm, Sweden to study. Of my list, the only two that I might not be able to do this year are the Fire Festival in Edinburgh and the ballet performance in Russia; the former because it’s a set date (and I might not be able to get tickets) and the latter because of the logistics involved.

But I’m certainly going to try!


If you want to know which order I plan on tackling these goals of mine in, please check out my What’s The Plan page.

Header Credit: Seven Continents and Ocean (original)

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