Budget: Czech Republic

Both Sweden and the Czech Republic have their own currency; Sweden has SEK (kr) and the Czech Republic has CZK (Kč). For simplicity and ease for future comparison, I’ve listed the costs in Euro, as it’s the currency most European countries use. (At the time of writing, the Euro was at 10,25 for 100 SEK with the currency office I use.)

The Czech Republic is an inexpensive country – especially compared to Sweden. As such, my budget for this trip was rather low.

IMG_5513 3

Initially it was €292, including flight costs and accommodation. But then I got into university and discovered that there was an introduction day on the 15th, the day I was scheduled to land back in Sweden, so I had to change my flight. This lead me to increase the budget to €390 for two reasons;

1. The additional cost of the flight. Though it was a low cost all things considered, (about €72), it took out a significant chunk of my activity and food budget, leaving me with less than €65 for six days in Prague. As I was planning on visiting several restaurants and go to three other towns during my trip, I felt this was far too low. The increase left me with another €100.

2. The change of flights meant I had an additional night in Prague and a slightly longer stay on my return day. This upped my accommodation cost (though not by much) and necessitated me having additional funds for food.

To be as accurate as possible, I’ve gone down to one decimal. The math might not line up exactly, due to changing conversion rates from when I exchanged and me being a little confused as I wrote this post over two different days and forgot what I was doing.

Budget Breakdown: Czech Republic
€160.4 – flights (including €72 for the change)
€43.4 – accommodation (low season, 10-dorm room + 25% off)
€21.6 – additional transport costs (to/from the airport in Sweden, €19.3 and Prague €2.3)
The cost of the flight is higher than I would like, but it was either that or cancel the trip entirely.

IMG_4008 - p

€14.8 – groceries
€53.3 – restaurants and cafés
€17.2 – drinks

IMG_4566 - 64
Warm red wine with lemon at a back-alley flee market in Český Krumlov with some students.

*Food is split up as follows; any drinks bought with food are counted in “restaurants and cafés”, but alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) drinks bought without food are counted as simply “drinks”. Tips are included.

IMG_5505 - 23
Daily soup + rosemary roasted potatoes and garlic dip at LoVeg

€12.4 – activities
€40 – trinkets and stuff (€18 for the Mucha print)
€15.7 – transport in the Czech Republic (to/from Český Krumlov* and in Prague)
*I paid the bus to Český Krumlov online before leaving.

IMG_5514 2
a Mucha print, a cup with the “Czech Mole” I loved as a child, a purse from Bohemian Retro, an old match book (I tossed the matches before my flight) and two postcards from Český Krumlov.

€5.2 (bathroom, lost coin in metro machine, donation)

In total I spent roughly €388 out of my €390 budget (give or take due to currency rates). The coins I had left I gave away while en-route to the airport (miscellaneous). I always save the smallest denominator I have as a memento, then give the rest away to someone who needs the money more than I.

IMG_5505 - 38
part of my donation

On this trip I only gave away the equivalent of €6. After a stop at the duty free at the airport I had a few more coins, but no where to drop them off so they came home with me.

I could certainly have travelled for cheaper, but aside from the additional flight cost (and honestly, I didn’t shop around for long before I bought the original tickets either, which I usually do) I am happy with the money I spent and what I spent it on. Though I do think that if I had actually gone to both Karlštejn and Dívčí Kámen as planned, I would not have had enough money.

Waiting for my delayed flight and contemplating my remaining 51 Kč.


I have shared my budget for my Czech Republic trip both to encourage others to travel (it’s not as expensive as one might think) and to keep a running total for myself in one place. Please do not use it to guess how much money I have or judge me for how I’ve spent it. You don’t know what I’ve had to sacrifice to afford travelling.  If you do have questions or constructive comments and advice I will of course welcome them, either in the comment section below or through e-mail at fragmentedtravels@gmail.com 

Thank you!

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