At the beginning of January, I read a blog post which mentioned the #ExploreMore2016 pledge, through Overnight. As it is much in line with my plans for 2016 anyway, I of course took the pledge (and you can too!).

You can read more about my Travel Plans for 2016 here, but the biggest reason I joined the pledge was because they want to encourage people to be away from home at least one weekend a month. Though, I’m choosing to interpret this as “time away from home” regardless of which days you are away.

I’m currently sitting around, following my first week at university, planning my February trip; as well as potential March excursions. This is the stage I love the best (aside from the trip itself of course!) though it’s currently a bit of a pain as my schedule is not as open or flexible as I’m used to it being. Anyone who tries to plan around a fixed schedule knows how difficult it can be. I’m hoping to find some time mid-week for a quick jaunt to Copenhagen soon though.

But I digress; back to the pledge from Overnight. (I never fully checked out the website until just now, because I trust the blogger who linked to them, but it seems quite interesting; like a Couchsurfing type community that you pay for = no need to spend hours and hours trying to find a host.)

– Spend one weekend away every month
– Take a trip with my best friend
– Have breakfast in one city and dinner in another
– Wear swim trunks one day, and a parka the next
– Learn how to say “Cheers” in three different (new) languages
– Live out of a bag for a few days
– Eat where the locals do
– Watch a sunset every week
– Say yes to unexpected invitations

And yes, I did cross out the part with the parka, though I am not opposed to travelling between wildly different climates. I also added “new” to the ‘Cheers’ challenge, as I can already say it in more than three different languages.

What this means for my blog isn’t much, technically. I might tag a post per city with #ExploreMore2016 (as I have already started to do with the first photo from the city I post on my instagram, fragmentedtravels) but beyond that this is mostly a personal pledge and a way of living my life, which might not always translate well into writing about often.

That said, I am of course going to check back at the end of the year and see how well I did on my pledge.


If you want to travel in 2016, you should join the pledge too — and you don’t even have to go abroad to “spend one weekend away every month”! A close-by city in your own country works too – especially if you’ve never visited it before.


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