Fragmented Travels & Ree

Welcome to Fragmented Travels!

Hi and welcome to Fragmented Travels, a blog dedicated to travelling! I’m Ree Bell (why no, that’s not my real name) and I’m from Stockholm, Sweden, where I also currently live. I love to travel, but haven’t done nearly enough of it. But when I do travel, I do so mostly alone; and I prefer it that way as I can be completely in-charge, flexible and spur-of-the-moment with my plans.

In January, 2016 I begin my studies to become a primary school teacher (grades 1-3) at Stockholm University, and as such, will be unable to travel for longer periods of time (hence the name, Fragmented Travels).

I decided to make 2016 the year I finally cross things off my ever expanding Bucket List, as it’s also the year I turn 30. Since I am quite tied to Stockholm at the moment, my trips this year will mainly be centered around European cities I don’t have to travel far to.

I currently don’t have a goal or dream of visiting x amount of cities or countries, and I don’t have a finished list of places I want to go. But as I continue to travel (especially as I begin earning money to easier facilitate these travel dreams again) I hope to be able to create a travel plan each year, and work towards accomplishing and reaching these goals.

I hope you will join me on my quest to balance my university studies and travel dreams here on this blog.


What will you find on this blog?

Photos! Planning for trips, dreaming of trips, thoughts on trips, stories from the road — past and future ones.

This blog was mainly created to expedite and simplify my photo sharing. I take a lot of photos, but can be rather lax in sharing them. You will most likely see a lot of photos of signs, lamp posts (especially ones attached to a wall) and towering, old buildings with ornate decorations.

I also hope to give others inspiration to travel, and ideas and suggestions on how to go about it. Since I will be travelling between weekly school obligations (and I might throw in a part-time job there as well, depending on how things go) I’m hoping that others in similar situations to mine will see that it’s entirely possible and follow their own travel dreams.

Let’s get started!

Check out my What’s The Plan post to see what I’m up to in 2016!

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