Reading List 2016

I love to read, and in 2016 I want to make reading for fun a priority in my life again. With work commitments, school and other things pulling at me from left and right, my reading fell to the way-side in 2015. When I realised that, I decided to make reading a part of my travel journey.

How? By reading books that have something to do with the city (or country) I’m visiting. It can be that the author is from the area, or that the book is set in the city (my preference would be both!). Feel more than free to share book suggestions on my What’s The Plan post, where you can see my planned upcoming trips, or to this page right here.

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Reading List
Gustav Meyrink – Walpurgisnacht Czech Republic (Prague)
Trip dates: January 8-13
Finished reading: February 18


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